About Us

Meet The Team

About Paul

Paul demonstrates here a full body exercise working on his balance & concentration

After being a senior fitness instructor with Harpers at Leisure Connection and working at the late Norfolk Golf and Country Club Paul wanted more.  So using the knowledge and practice Paul picked up in the gyms,  he jumped on the train and went to Cambridge to study for the next level, level 3 Personal Training qualification with Premier International.

1 month later, the day after the course finished Paul was self employed and in April 2006 PSPT was created.  The business only went one way, up! Paul quickly put what he had learnt into practice and started creating a good name for himself.  Word soon spread with friends & family members of clients wanting some sessions.  8 years later, Paul has trained over 100 clients and still training his very first client from 8 years ago.

Booking in with Paul can be difficult due the demand but always worth giving him a shout as he does have set times booked out for casual sessions. Now in his 10th year, Paul proves time after time why he is the right man for the job!

About CurtisCurtis Fulcher Personal Trainer Norwich

Curtis is a level 3 Personal Trainer with vast knowledge and growing experience.  Curtis is very enthusiastic and keen and always delivers.
Curtis has been working with PSPT since 2012 and has a very bright future ahead of him.

Curtis has developed on his skills and focussed sector of muscle development and building to a national level picking up his 1st place in a National Body Building Championship! Go Curtis!

About Rachel

Rachael is one of Paul’s regular clients, who at first disliked the gym.  Rachael is now a level 3 Personal Trainer by the top training provider, Premier Global.  Rachael has settled into being a trainer like a duck to water, and is already practising under her own name and for PSPT.rachael tate

Rachael’s experience of training with Paul shows as her confidence in her training techniques and sessions are planned to perfection.

Paul now has Rachael training him in certain areas to keep your PSPT team in tip top shape!


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